Posted on: September 14, 2008 3:14 pm

Ohio State - USC

First off, I would like to congratulate USC on running up the score by going for it on 4th down. I mean, that's not a jackass move or anything. And I would also like to congratulate the referees on a well called game. That Hawaiian linebacker's foot wasn't halfway out of bounds or anything.

I'm not going to make excuses. We lost. It is what it is. But I am going to complain about how terrible we played, and how horrible the coaching was.

Why leave Boeckman in the game in the 2nd half? He was terrible, highly ineffective, and just totally beat. What kind of quarterback for the #5 team in the nation runs backwards when the pass rush gets to him? Most high school kids know to step up or scramble. You never run backwards. And his decision making was horrifying at best. He couldn't complete a pass to save his life last night. Tressel could have at least put in Pryor to gain some more experience, if not to attempt to make the game competitive. At least Pryor could get out of the pocket and make something happen, instead of taking a sack or throwing a pick.

Yeah, we missed Chris Wells. But Boeckman was the real problem.

And what about the horrible officiating? Everything was a penalty. Roughing the passer calls were horrible. Holding calls. Everything. And I don't know about you, but I know that the whole college football community seen that linebacker's foot halfway out of bounds when he took it back for a touchdown. Even you USC fans can afford to admit he was out of bounds, no question. And yeah, maybe they would've scored anyways, but good god how much are these refs going to take from Ohio State? They didn't give us a call. I think it's those damn Pac 10 referees that fucked us over.

Oh, and I would also like to congratulate Brent Musberger on being the biggest douche bag in America. Never can he call an Ohio State game fair. Always biased, always talking shit about our team. I can't stand him. He's the worse announcer that has ever called a game, and should be fired. "Oh lets just bash on Ohio State the whole game. Let's talk about how they're the worst team in college football." Shut up Musberger, and rot in hell.
Posted on: August 23, 2008 12:31 am

To All You Ohio State Haters

How in the world can you consider our fans, our players, our coaches, arrogant? I've never seen Jim Tressel come on the post-game show and say, "What a great game we played out there. I think we may just be the best team in college football." Or you don't hear Malcom Jenkins come on and say "We played terrific defense out there. I think we have the best unit in the nation." No, you don't hear that. What you hear is Tressel praising the other team, and maybe even exaggerating on how well the other team played. And then he goes on to point out the negatives of his team, and how he's going to smooth them out for the next game.

I think people are getting tired of seeing Ohio State in the National Championship because their teams aren't being rewarded with the honor to be in OSU's position. Yeah, maybe they have lost the last two big games. But the truth is, none of us Ohio State fans expected to have a big year last year. We lost the Heisman Trophy Winner Troy Smith, Anthony Gonzalez, and Ted Ginn Jr. Every single one of us, whether or not they want to admit it, were saying "Oh great, a rebuilding season. Just what we need after losing the National Championship." Nobody expected Todd Boeckman to play as well as he did. I think a lot of us could see our defense being pretty solid, but few saw a light on the offensive side that wasn't shining on Beanie Wells.

Anyways, back to our so called, 'arrogance'. What we see from the Ohio State athletes, not just of football, but of all sports, is a great deal of respect for all of the other teams and their athletes. In all my life, I have never heard any Buckeye say anything negative about another player, coach, or team. They may think that in their head, but the university teaches these young athletes about respecting others, as well as how to speak. Sometimes you see these guys talking after a game, and you can't understand a single word they are trying to say. Either because they're mumbling, or they just can't speak with intelligence. If you watch an Ohio State athlete speak, you can actually understand what they are trying to tell you, without having to clean your ears out and crank up the volume.

And tell me, when was the last time you seen an Ohio State athlete taunt someone on the field, without being provoked by the actions of another player? You don't see Chris Wells run into the end zone and start doing the electric slide. You don't see James Laurinaitis tackle someone in the backfield, and then start doing push ups. And you certainly have not seen Jim Tressel jump around and scream after his team scored a touchdown. You never saw Greg Oden pound his chest and scream at everyone after dunking on someone. *cough* Joakim Noah *cough*

All I want to say, is that I can't believe how hateful some of these college football fans are towards Ohio State. We've never done anything but show respect towards you and your teams. Everywhere I look on this site, it's "Ohio State is overrated, we're obviously the better team", or "I can't believe how bad Ohio State has played in the Championships, our team is more deserving." No, nobody thinks you guys are cocky because your team doesn't play in the National Championship every year.  All I'm wondering is why playing in the Championship game makes us arrogant. Us fans didn't vote the Buckeyes into the game, so step off.
Posted on: August 14, 2008 11:45 pm

What happened to the Olympics?

There are some strange events they hold in the Olympics. Archery? Beach Volleyball? Rowing? Shooting? And how in the world is Badminton an Olympic sport?

Hunters take their bows and guns out to hunt wildlife. Like Craig Ferguson says, beach volleyball is when you go to the beach and watch those attractive women playing volleyball in the sand. People row their boats out into the lake to go fishing. And badminton is something you play at a family reunion, or perhaps on Sunday's when you go to your granny's for lunch. I just have no idea how these can be Olympic sports.

 I thought the Olympics were for athletes. And in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, athlete is defined as "a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina". Any ordinary man can shoot a bow or gun. My dad shoots both, and by no means is he in any shape to compete in a real sport.

And you may say that those other "sports" require someone to be in good physical condition. But since when does anyone go down to the lake and watch those old men back their boats into the dock and watch them row out into the water? And when was the last time you competed in a badminton game and noticed a crowd of people watching you play? (Other than your grandmother, of course)

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching the Olympics. But when sports such as beach volleyball, or rowing come on, I can't help but change the channel.
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Posted on: August 11, 2008 11:50 pm

The Reds 'not so great' trades.

So in the past couple years, the best trade the Reds have made is for Brandon Phillips.

And how many trades have they made? A lot. Too many for me to continue to count. I counted 6 this season. None in which were helpful to the organization.

I understand getting rid of Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey Jr. to clear up some cap space. But can't you at least get a decent player in return? I mean Nick Masset and some minor league second baseman? First off, we already have a second baseman. We don't need another one. And why upgrade a bullpen that is already suprisingly good? Jeremy Affeldt has pitched 61 innings and has a 3.67 ERA. Jared Burton has pitched 48 innings and has a 2.23 ERA. Mike Lincoln has pitched 56 innings and has a 3.51 ERA. David Weathers has pitched great recently and has lowered his ERA to 3.35, and he is a reliable set up man. And we know that Francisco Cordero is capable of closing games out. What more do you need? Yeah you could throw in Billy Bray's 39 innings and 2.27 ERA and Gary Majewski's 29 innings and 4.66 ERA, but it's not going to make much of a difference.

The Adam Dunn deal won't be much better. Yeah, lets pick up a Minor League rat who will spend the rest of his career playing for Sarasota and Dayton. I don't know about you, but 1-4 with an ERA of 4 on a Single-A ball club doesn't excite me one bit.

I was listening to 700 WLW tonight, which is Cincinnati's AM station for the Reds and Bengals. They said on there that one of the players to be named is someone that we've heard of. So tonight I can go to bed, hoping its someone like Chris Young or Conor Jackson.

There's no way you can replace Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey Jr. But you have to try and rebuild this hopeless ball team. The Dunn-Griffey era has been nothing but a disappointment, from Griffey's constant injuries to Dunn's whiffing like a blind kid. Corey Patterson's .189 average and .221 on base percentage is worse than Barry Zito's league leading 16 losses in San Francisco. Maybe the return of Norris Hopper can give the Reds a true leadoff man. If he can get on base with consistency. Which his career stat of .367 isn't too bad.

But with this season already in the dumps, all us Reds fans can hope for is a somewhat decent season next year. And maybe a good acquisition in the offseason.
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